is a family friendly site and has a parent company called Go Freak Media which is a multi media outlet and runs the websites and is an all encompassing website that covers the latest news and events in pop culture.

Everything from comic books, video games, science fiction,Technology, and fantasy which are topics that are family friendly and safe for work are covered on while its sister site, has adult content.

John L Dacpano Jr AKA “Jon Jon The Phenomenon” started GFM with the hopes that others were interested in the same types of subject matter. Having been in different realms of the entertainment industries, from Comic books, Pro Wrestling, and the adult industry, it was time to venture out and make it happen for him and his closest friends that had the same ideas as him.

MeriJewel has spent the past 11 years working in Information Technology within the Healthcare field.
Online she is known as a self professed Stargate nerd. Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis, and Stargate Universe rock her galaxy! She was heartbroken with SyFy decided to close the Gate! She also loves Dr. Who, Star Trek Enterprise, Star Trek Next Generation, Eureka, Warehouse 13, Once Upon a Time, Being Human (UK and American), The Colbert Report, The Daily Show and so much more.
Do you know who else rocks her world? Rush! She tries to attend every concert when Rush comes to town. She possibly considers their lyrics the best religion and beliefs to live by… You can often hear her stating that it’s music for intelligent minds.
Meri is all about equality and loving one another. She was born about 20 years too late. She loves animals, sarcasm, chocolate and nerd gadgets.
Most importantly, she has always loved photography, journalism and multimedia. Her dream jobs include concert photographer/videographer, sports photographer, onset Stargate photographer/videographer (haha), Playboy photography (Yeah!) and all around photojournalist with a touch of multimedia and web design. (Sure, why not?) Or anything geeky in the IT field.
When lifelong friends JonJon and Joe asked her to help out with GoFreakMedia, Meri fell out of her tardis! Conventions,watch out!

If you want to nerd out with Meri and talk Stargate, Dr. Who or any Sci-Fi, drop her a line (or your favorite Peart lyrics) at

Joe Mackey, better known as “Mojito Joe” (or “Mojo”, if big words frighten you) is an up and coming screen writer and self admitted geek. He is always on the lookout for cool, trendy news to bring up in conversation, so even when he is blackout drunk he can tell you the latest scoop on the next superhero movie and still seem slightly coherent.

Joe spent many years in retail management where he would invest most of his paychecks into comic books, DVDs, and action figures. This shrewd investment strategy kept him afloat when the stock market collapsed in ’08. (Suck it, Wall Street!) He joined GoFreak shortly after its initial launch with the hopes of using its power to get within 50 feet of Lady Gaga. Since accomplishing that mission he has decided to stick around and help share the news he finds interesting with the world. Like a pop culture version of a wild fire with herpes, there will be burning, it will spread, and by the time you notice it’ll be too late.

If you want to reach out to Mojito Joe you can E-mail him at:

Hit him up if you’d like to discuss pop culture topics, have the power to grant him access to Area 51, want to buy him a drink, or would like to send him a picture of your genitals for evaluation.



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